Warranty Information

The weather around here can be tough.
So we design and build our windows and doors to last.

At Northern Window & Door, we know how the extremes of weather in our region can cause a lot of stress on buildings - especially on windows and doors. That's why design and build our windows and doors to withstand these extremes.

We're so confident in the hardiness of our products, we guarantee it:


All extruded vinyl components are warranted for a period of twenty (20) years against chipping, cracking and scaling. This warranty will apply to all windows, provided there is no evidence that the window has been altered in any manner, or has been abused beyond normal day to day operation. The company shall at its option, repair or replace the parts found to be defective, free of charge.


All insulated glass units are warranted against seal failure resulting in condensation between the panes of glass for a period of twenty (20) years. This warranty applies to windows which: are properly installed; have not been altered in any manner; the glass is not cracked or broken.


Cranking hardware on all casements & awning windows carry a conditional lifetime warranty.

Have Condensation?

Window condensation is the result of excess humidity in your home. Please visit the links below for further information: