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Northern Window products are recognized by ENERGY STAR® as some of the most energy efficient windows available in Canada. By installing our products, you will reduce energy costs while making your home more comfortable.

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Canada's Climate Zones

Energy Star Climate zone map

Fig. 1: Canada's ENERGY STAR® rating zones

The ENERGY STAR® program divides Canada into four geographic zones distinguished by the Letter A, B, C and D (see Fig. 1). By choosing windows that meet the ENERGY STAR® performance level for your region, you will reduce energy costs and through increased energy efficiency, provide improved comfort levels in your home year round.

Northern Window & Door products are designed and built right here in Thunder Bay to meet or exceed Zone C requirements.

  • Zone D: > 8000 Heating Degree Days
  • Zone C: > 5500 to <= 8000 Heating Degree Days
  • Zone B: > 3500 to <= 5500 Heating Degree Days
  • Zone A: <= 3500 Heating Degree Days
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